alcohol sales

Doug Ford has said he would allow the sales.
To the casual observer, it seems like Vision Vancouver has led the charge in finally liberating alcohol sales in Vancouver, something it has refused to support for many months. More careful review shows quite the opposite. Restrictions are so onerous that only two supermarkets would qualify. Two. Great.
Food, shelter costs offset lower gas prices.
Most businesses slow down around New Year's Eve, but one overflows in sales: champagne. But bubbly makers have been struggling
OTTAWA — Canadians are buying less beer, but more wine and spirits, according to Statistics Canada, which reported Thursday
Albertans increased their booze purchases last year more than Canadians in any other province. Statistics Canada numbers
Canadians are expected to raise their glasses many times this holiday season with alcohol sales on track to set a record
OTTAWA - Statistics Canada says beer and liquor stores sold $20.3 billion worth of alcoholic beverages in the fiscal year