Alison Redford

Women made up nearly half of Canada's provincial and territorial leaders in 2013.
The stipend affair has not been one of Clark's shining moments. It was sad that a premier who once boasted she was going to put families first didn't appreciate the optics of accepting a semi-secret, five-figure top-up that was more than most British Columbians make in a year.
The portrait cost $12,500.
She also said she needs more freedom to inform the public when and why it is working on an investigation.
"... nobody's privacy interests were considered."
Redford could not immediately be reached for comment.
"Don't create false public expectations."
Alison Redford resigned as Alberta's premier more than two years ago following a scandal.
A Calgary law firm with close ties to Redford was awarded a contract to represent the province.
The "premier's den'' was to be for Redford and her daughter.