The Calgary-born singer known for his pub anthems had Alzheimer’s.
As if you needed another reason to grab a double-double.
I often think of her beautiful smile, her joy when any of us walked into the room and the love she shared until the day she died.
Stigma is one of the biggest barriers for people with the condition, says the Alzheimer Society of Canada.
But there are many factors that can decrease your chances of mental decline.
Advance directives are legal documents that allow patients to spell out their wishes concerning end-of-life care. When medical decisions are required, the document helps to avoid confusion about one's true desires in case of ailing health or incapacity.
Is this really my mother? She's walking around in circles, yelling and cursing about people "breaking into her house." This exhausted, disheveled woman with fear in her eyes and venom in her voice is a nightmare vision, a grotesquely distorted version of my mom. This is life with an Alzheimer's victim.
47 million people worldwide are affected by the incurable disease.
Does alcohol consumption prevent Alzheimer's disease? The studies looking at alcohol use are generally observational in nature. They pick a given population without dementia, ask them about their alcohol intake, and then follow them over time to see who develops dementia.