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amanda todd death

The meme includes images of Amanda Todd, actor Robin Williams and rocker Kurt Cobain.
The court had pledged to forge ahead on Friday, saying any further delays would be difficult on the alleged victims.
"Today the court said you had chances enough."
The Port Coquitlam teen committed suicide in October 2012 after posting a video on YouTube, in which she said she'd been blackmailed by an online predator.
Canadian officials are trying to extradite Aydin Coban to face criminal charges in B.C.
The worldwide media has branded him a monster, says Aydin Coban who is in Dutch custody.
Amanda Todd challenged her online stalker in a conversation she had with the Dutch man alleged to have extorted her online
Dear Amanda, Happy 18th birthday, honey! I have to say that although each day and year passing that you are gone it has been hard but this year seems to be harder than the others. This year will be more contributions to your legacy that will have impact. This is your graduating year. An event that you talked about and looked forward to since you were in grade school.
In the past 20 months, my journey has been filled with meeting a variety of people. The majority are thoughtful, kind and compassionate. This is a letter that I found in my inbox that "fills the bucket." I believe that words and writers like this deserve to be shared.
I am sure many around the world have read the headlines. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that Amanda's alleged perpetrator would be found in the Netherlands.