amanda todd suicide

The 38-year-old was convicted last month by a Dutch court.
The court gave him the maximum possible sentence, calling his behaviour "astonishing.''
Amanda Todd brought cyber bullying to mainstream attention in Canada and around the world in 2012.
The meme includes images of Amanda Todd, actor Robin Williams and rocker Kurt Cobain.
The court had pledged to forge ahead on Friday, saying any further delays would be difficult on the alleged victims.
"Today the court said you had chances enough."
"When people realize that it's a solvable problem they won't put up with it anymore."
The Port Coquitlam teen committed suicide in October 2012 after posting a video on YouTube, in which she said she'd been blackmailed by an online predator.
Canadian officials are trying to extradite Aydin Coban to face criminal charges in B.C.
Amanda Todd challenged her online stalker in a conversation she had with the Dutch man alleged to have extorted her online