andrew lawton

The Ontario PC leader has been hammering away at Andrea Horwath's candidates.
I believe him when he says his hateful comments were made while struggling with mental illness, because I know what it's like.
He was a radio host and Rebel Media contributor.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has accused the Liberal leader who aims to replace him of harbouring a "deep distrust" of the
Justin Trudeau was again put on the hot seat this week over his opposition to Canada's mission in Iraq, this time thanks
I asked the caller whether he supported the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. He let out a menacing cackle. "Yes or no, Abdul. Do you support Hamas?", I pressed. "Yes, I do," he replied, prompting me to end the call. The fact is, I know nothing about this man. Is he a jihadi-in-training waiting to attack the West? Is he merely a Muslim Canadian with contempt for Canadian values?