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Andrew Leslie says he's held about 1,000 sit-downs with MPs in the past six months, many related to bill C-14.
The whip is in charge of mustering votes in the Commons, although the Liberals have promised that MPs will be free to vote as they please except in critical matters.
Andrew Leslie hasn't said if he's been promised a cabinet position but he won't rule it out.
Retired general Andrew Leslie, an adviser to the Liberal leader on foreign policy, is now the only declared contender in
A star Liberal recruit and key foreign policy adviser to Justin Trudeau is facing sharp criticism from Conservatives over
The Liberal Party is warning former leadership contenders who want to run for the party in the 2015 federal election that
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he did not actively court retired lieutenant-general Andrew Leslie but he's happy the
But the Tories say it was the other way around — Leslie approached them. The retired general has been in the Harper government's
One of the Liberals' star recruits is on the verge of selecting the riding where he'll make a bid for Parliament in 2015