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And large numbers are worried about how many Syrians Canada plans to welcome.
But Gen-Xers have no sympathy for the millennials' plight.
The pipeline has the strongest backing in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Only 27 per cent told the Angus Reid Institute that they were on the same page as Trudeau.
Most Canadians will be spending some time over the next few days elbowing their way through crowded stores.
Are the Conservatives in the midst of a rebound from their lowest ebb since first coming to power in 2006? Two recent polls
According to the latest federal polls from Angus Reid and CROP, national voting intentions remain stable — even in Quebec
Most Canadians are in favour of Justin Trudeau's surprise decision to boot all 32 Liberal senators out of caucus, a new poll
The latest poll numbers on Canada's premiers are in and they don't paint a pretty picture. Only two premiers have a net positive