animal rights

The longtime activist was killed while protesting.
The American fast-food chain has repeatedly opposed LGBTQ rights.
The star wrote the premier after hearing about the six horses who died at this year’s Stampede.
It would finally ban the breeding, display and trade of whales, dolphins and porpoises.
As one of world's leading exporters of live animals, the country is also one of the largest contributors to animal suffering.
Outdated policies continue to permit the brutal killing of one of the most intelligent, sentient and family oriented non-human animals that walk the planet.
The practice of pound seizure for research is not only glaringly out of step with public opinion, it is out of step with modern science.
A petition is asking one First Nations restaurant to change its menu.
We documented every room, every injury — the dismembered piglet tails all over the floor, the castration wounds, the dumpsters of dead animals.