Animal Welfare

They're being accused of being the "epitome of elephant exploitation."
The CFIA says 500 dogs were being transported on a Ukraine International Airlines flight.
A driver was fined $10,000 for his role in a chuckwagon race mishap.
The agency has had police powers since 1919, and is responsible for enforcing animal cruelty laws.
Embrace the spirit of the holiday season by compassionately reducing meat consumption.
As one of world's leading exporters of live animals, the country is also one of the largest contributors to animal suffering.
The province needs to unequivocally demonstrate that we take crimes against all animals seriously.
It could actually improve their emotional state.
In just one month in 2016, eight barn fires in Ontario killed nearly 53,000 animals.
The Canadian government is consulting Canadians on three food law or policy changes that would impact animals.