Anti-Terror Bill

It took Trudeau three days to have a "decent response" on Berlin's terror attack, the Tory MP said.
Canadians have spoken out loudly against Bill C-51. Last year, hundreds of gatherings took place across Canada, and Canadians clearly showed and expressed their concerns about its contents and the extensive, unjustified powers it grants to security agencies. So, why is the Liberal government conducting consultations?
Public safety critic Randall Garrison says the legislation known as Bill C-51 severely compromised the privacy rights of Canadians.
The government will give Canadians a chance to have their say before deciding what changes to make, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says.
Now comes the hard part.
In the midst of the honeymoon period of the new Justin Trudeau Liberal government, we're seeing positive changes in a lot of the top areas that resonate with Canadians. However, we've still not heard anything about resolving Bill C-51, one of the top political issues in Canada this year.
"This man hated Canada so much, he planned on murdering hundreds of Canadians. He forfeited his own citizenship."
CSIS and the RCMP have a history of turf wars and limited communication.
The Harper government's controversial anti-terror legislation is set to become law after the Senate voted Tuesday to pass
"An institution that votes on a bill to violate the basic principles of our society on the same day that they are found to have routinely misused public funds is one that cares very little for its own credibility."