The province wants to pass a law that makes vaccines mandatory for kids in schools unless they have medical exemptions.
The early 20th century anti-vax argument was about freedom, conspiracies, pseudoscience and parental anxiety while nowadays...
And more doctors are dropping them as patients.
"It’s been a nightmare."
In February 2015, a poll by the Angus Reid Institute revealed that two-thirds of Canadians believe that children should not be allowed to attend school or daycare if their immunizations are not fully up to date. Interestingly, the country is divided.
You may roll your eyes when you hear an anti-vaxxer's rant on medication or the flu, but if we really took some of their
With new measles cases being reported in Canada, it seems more important than ever for the public to be made aware of the
A totally preventable disease is making a comeback. The measles is back in the news following an outbreak at Disneyland. There
Not only do we crave simple explanations but we are often influenced by celebrities or those who may have their own agenda. Researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario suggest that we listen to celebrities because of a herding instinct. This is the tendency to make decisions based based both on what others have done in similar situations and the halo effect which gives celebrities an aura of trust extending beyond their expertise. Steven Hoffman, the author of that study, told a recent public panel that listening to Jenny McCarthy (the anti-vaccine proponent) and Dr. Oz is bad for your health.