She said her son's illness was due to her "lack of knowledge and fear" of vaccines.
Her Twitter feed directs people to studies and articles against vaccination.
People were wary of vaccines long before anyone tried to link them to autism.
The early 20th century anti-vax argument was about freedom, conspiracies, pseudoscience and parental anxiety while nowadays...
And more doctors are dropping them as patients.
"If you're part of the anti-vaccination community you've bought into all of the conspiracy theories."
"There is a line."
Annie Mae Braiden says her 10-week-old daughter has been in the pediatric intensive care unit at Victoria General Hospital for more than a month after contracting the disease.
Robert De Niro initially supported the film, but changed his mind after much backlash.
In 2010, there were 139,300 deaths worldwide due to measles, a disease that we had hoped to completely eradicate by 2020. One reason for this is that some prejudices that originally circulated in 1887 -- like that measles is a benign, inconsequential disease -- have survived over the ages. Another reason is that an unfortunately growing part of the population believes that vaccination may be more dangerous than the disease itself.