Canada is one of 11 countries working to make the trade deal a reality.
The trip marks the prime minister's first overseas bilateral visit since taking office last fall.
The PM-designate is set to make his debut on the world stage.
On the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) summit, Harper sat down with U.S. President Barack Obama
Despite their relatively small numbers in Canada, practitioners of the Falun Gong and their supporters have been very active, even getting meetings with multiculturalism minister Jason Kenney. Parliament's Subcommittee on International Human Rights also heard from individuals on the issue of organ transplants and the treatment of Falun Gong members.
OTTAWA - Canada has ratified the contentious Foreign Investment Protection Agreement with China. International Trade Minister
Nearly every speaker made reference to the disappointing global growth of recent years, and the recent slowing of Emerging Asia. Nonetheless, all took comfort in the observation that growth will be faster in the Asia-Pacific region than anywhere else on the planet. The contagion of Western pessimism seems to have stopped at Asia's door.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper isn't generally known for his sense of style (unless we're talking about his "Gangnam Style
Malaysian Prime Minister Mohd Najib sprung the "gargantuan" investment figure during a joint availability with Harper in
VLADIVOSTOK, Russia - Canada is pressing its Russian APEC host to reconsider its support for the regime in Syria. Foreign