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apple pay

Canada's existing payment systems are showing their age and he credited Payments Canada with undertaking a plan to modernize them.
The mobile payment service works with certain models of the Apple iPhone 6, iPad tablets and Apple Watch.
TORONTO — All of Canada's five biggest banks are partnering with Apple Pay to bring the mobile payment systems to their customers
Electronic money, or e-money, has arrived. It can be transferred through smart phone, tablet, computer, or other ways. This way, people can make quick payments with their phones -- even in physical settings like the grocery store. Will cards be replaced by e-money, the way cash has been mostly replaced by cash?
TORONTO — Apple Pay is now available in Canada for people with American Express cards using the latest iPhone models. The
The third-party payment app, which allows users to upload their credit cards and tap their phones to pay for purchases, will roll out sometime in the final months of 2015 for iPhone 6 and up. Unlike its widespread presence in the U.S., though, the Canadian app will only be compatible with American Express credit cards -- for now.
Apple Pay will only be available for a Canadians with an Amex card. Sorry!
Apple Pay, the mobile payment system that launched on iPhone in the U.S. last fall, will be coming to Canada potentially
The Royal Bank of Canada is on a "collision course" with companies like Apple and Google over the future of mobile banking
While Apple is heralding Apple Pay, its new mobile payment system, as a roaring success, Canadians shouldn't expect to use