The Canadian icon called the refusal to adopt the federal app “bizarre and dangerous.”
Alberta’s ABTraceTogether app has faced multiple challenges since its launch.
The platform provided access to 3,000 restaurants in 10 Canadian cities.
The U.S. coffee chain says it’s trying to modernize the customer experience in stores with the first-of-its-kind location
Users tend to share a lot of person data with their menstrual apps.
The viral app has prompted a number of security concerns.
Though mobile fitness apps can provide inspiration to get out the door, experts say they can be unhealthy and dangerous.
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Have you noticed how most people don't carry as many things as they used to while traveling? Things like flashlights, cameras, maps, memory sticks, newspapers, magazines, games and books. These items and others have all been replaced by smart phones and devices. While they make our lives more convenient and easier, they also collect information about us.
The availability of these instant solutions have shifted not just our lifestyles, but our very decision making processes. With all of the luxuries and conveniences on-demand tools provide, they can be an unhealthy pairing when it comes to food.