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Arisa Cox

Canadians, are you ready to enter the "Big Brother Canada" house for the third time? Over the course of this week, and before
I was 24 years old. I was working at a now-defunct TV station in Ottawa and had just been promoted to entertainment/weather anchor for the evening and nightly news. After the three-month probationary period was up, I had a customary performance review with the news executive. And the bomb dropped. "You've worn your hair straight from time to time, we'd like you to wear it straight on the show." I could feel the heat rising in my body. Ears buzzing. "I'm not interested," I replied without a beat. I was told the request wasn't optional "if I wanted to keep my job."
For "Big Brother Canada" Season 2, they're certainly pulling out all the stops. Aside from up and moving the show's production
Ever since the jaw-dropping finale of "Big Brother Canada" Season 1, fans of the genre have been salivating for the sophomore
Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend the taping of a "Big Brother Canada" elimination episode. I ventured out into
We're so nice, aren't we? At least, that's how the stereotype goes. Canadians work extra hard to be kind to others and we always say "sorry," even if it's not our fault. So how well does a devious, underhanded show like Big Brother fare in Canada? Can Big Brother Canada match the underhandedness and devious behaviour we've witnessed on the U.S. version?
For the first season of "Big Brother Canada," Slice certainly picked some interesting characters. From loving "mama bear
Move over, Julie Chen -- there's a new "Big Brother" host moving in. Arisa Cox, co-host of "E! News Weekend," has scored