The Vancouver-based retailer has now committed to "immediate action" to improve its diversity and inclusion program.
Customers will still be able to shop online for the time being, the company says.
There’s a massive sale happening in Vancouver right now where you can get 50% to 90% off all items.
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The actress wore the dress to the 2017 Invictus Games opener.
For some, New Year's resolutions are about living a healthier lifestyle. For others, this may mean paying off debt, finding the hypothetical work-life balance, soaking up some new skills like a new language, or actually learning how to use chopsticks. But why not enter the Year of the Monkey with a different outlook on fashion?
We want everything.
Just this week, Aritzia, a popular retail clothing business, was called out for racism when one of its Toronto store employees was overheard by a customer making a racist remark. Aside from it being a toxic, terrible mindset, prejudice as a business practice makes no sense.
"The way I felt and the way that my friends feel sometimes from shopping there is disgusting and shouldn't be happening." from your own site!" data-caption="This is a photo of the Aritzia store in downtown Toronto, Canada. If
Good news, Aritzia fans: the Vancouver-based clothing retailer is holding another warehouse sale! Right now! UPDATE, Oct