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arts funding

This election, its place in how we grow has a country has been very top of mind. The message is clear. A thriving arts and culture sector is good news for everyone. As you consider your vote on Oct. 19, we wanted to provide some insight on the key policy promises the federal parties have made, and how they will impact you.
Let's start with an experiment. Take 10 seconds to write down as many Canadian films as you can. Ok, so how many did you come up with? "Not many" is the answer I received when asking the question to random folks.
And so it begins. A new year. But did you hear? "We need to support the arts, and we need to support more of it." These words
Most areas of government funding are being trimmed, so why not arts grants too? A probable reason why the arts program escapes the Finance Minister's knife is because any cuts to the artsy set, results in a nation-wide howl that the Philistines are taking over. But to some, that's seen as public money funding someone's hobby.
Who benefits from the granting system? The system supports artists, but artists come into public view only when their work is exhibited, by a museum, a commercial gallery or within the arts community itself.
Margie Gillis still can’t bring herself to watch the controversial interview that sent Canadians into an uproar last month
Canadian progressivism has now been sullied in the political arena, married to the electorate's fear of elitism, and exploited by class dynamics where a progressive identity is no longer essential to our Canadian sense of self.