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Ashley Smith

Sen. Kim Pate has been advocating for the rights of vulnerable people in Canadian prison for four decades.
Goodale called the changes a "world-leading" approach to rehabilitating inmates.
Legislation may better protect prisoners with mental illness.
It seems obvious that solitary confinement for someone with mental health issues is dangerous and destructive. The Canadian Human Rights Commission has long held that placing vulnerable individuals in solitary confinement denies them their human rights, and for those with mental health issues, it can lead to irreparable harm.
Prison policy experts are urging the federal government to act fast on a promise to limit solitary confinement behind bars
VANCOUVER - There were times when Lee Chapelle considered running headfirst into his cell wall to knock himself unconscious
TORONTO - Canadian prison authorities have rejected core recommendations made by the Ashley Smith inquest a year ago but
How many people have to die alone in a jail cell, with only their troubled thoughts for company, before we demand an end to grave human rights abuses happening in our prisons? Edward Snowshoe is the latest casualty in a systemic practice that killed Ashley Smith, and likely contributed to the death of Kinew James as well. Edward, Ashley and Kinew were all prisoners with serious mental health issues who were segregated for extended periods of time by the Correctional Service of Canada. Edward Snowshoe died under the very conditions that the UN found amounted to violate the Torture Convention.
TORONTO - The videotaped choking death of a teenager in her segregation cell six years ago was a homicide, a jury decided
TORONTO - Jurors at an inquest into the videotaped choking death of a teenager in her segregation cell began their deliberations