assembly of first nations

Assembly of First Nations Chief Perry Bellegarde said the bill is not perfect and that he is concerned the deadline for completing the action plan is too far away.
Perry Bellegarde says Brenda Lucki's post should be held by someone who will "focus their attention on public safety and combating racism."
An outbreak will have devastating consequences, especially to fly-in and remote communities.
“We know that too many of our young ones are taking their lives."
Indigenous voters could also swing the vote in 63 ridings — including Andrew Scheer's.
He told a meeting of First Nations chiefs he wants to start from a "place of partnership."
"I don't think we should be criticizing them just because they disagree with you, Judy."
She also addressed claims of interference in the AFN national chief vote.
He won on the second ballot.
Incumbent Perry Bellegarde has been accused of being too cosy with Ottawa.