assisted dying

Bill C-7 would expand access for people who are not nearing the natural end of their lives.
The Senate had called for this to happen within 18 months, but the Trudeau government wants it in two years.
MPs are calling for a thorough debate on the proposed changes.
Members agreed to hold off proposing amendments until the legislation returns to the Senate next week for final debate.
Human rights advocates are concerned by "ableist" assumptions about quality of life for those with disabilities.
Nicole Gladu has no time for the argument that she’s a vulnerable person.
It now goes to the Senate, where it has just one week before the Dec. 18 deadline.
“If we reach the court deadline and nothing has changed, there will be no adequate safeguards in Quebec for those whose death is not reasonably foreseeable."
The clock is ticking down to the court-imposed Dec. 18 deadline to pass Bill C-7.
“A provision that applies only to persons with mental illness, without appropriate justification, is discriminatory in nature."