autonomous cars

The company will invest more than $200 million over the next five years.
Will people come out of their homes to grab food from a driverless car? Domino's is about to find out.
"Autonomous Vehicles" (AV') - recall a futuristic scene with robots delivering your mail and drones dropping the latest smartphone
One of the most exciting commitments coming from the auto and technology makers during CES 2017 is the ambition to realize driverless car capability for city streets as early as 2020.
Much as the manual transmission has all but disappeared in the 21st Century, the idea of driving a car in the manner of a Steve McQueen may soon also be a thing of the past. Autonomous features will almost assuredly become mandatory -- and switching them off could become a too-expensive option.
Uber will be launching autonomous cars in Pittsburgh in a few weeks, too.
A self-driving car for soccer moms.
The city already has an automated metro system.
Self-driving cars have really been featured in the headlines over the past year. Whether it's the Google car that drives itself, or the projection that "robot" cars will be mass manufactured in just ten years. But what trends will the self-driving car bring about?