avian flu

OTTAWA - Avian influenza has been detected at a second farm in southwestern Ontario, prompting food safety officials to place
The virus, of the H5 subtype, has been found on one farm in an area densely populated with poultry operations. The other
The highly contagious poultry influenza has reached Montana and South Dakota. Canada has restricted bringing raw poultry
The Canada Border Services Agency works with the Public Health Agency of Canada to ensure infections are kept out of the country, as prescribed by the Quarantine Act. Last year, during the height of the Ebola worry, the Public Health Agency of Canada strengthened its use of the Act to help prevent any importation of the virus. For a public concerned about the introduction or emergence of a particular pathogen such as Ebola, an increased security presence is always welcome.
Using carbon dioxide gas to kills thousands of chickens and turkeys due to the avian flu outbreak in the Fraser Valley is
VANCOUVER - Seven countries have imposed trade restrictions on Canadian poultry as a fifth farm in British Columbia's Fraser
VANCOUVER - Canadian officials hope an avian flu outbreak has been contained to four quarantined poultry farms in British
VANCOUVER - The destruction of as many as 80,000 birds at four poultry farms in British Columbia's Fraser Valley has begun
VANCOUVER - Two poultry farms in southwestern British Columbia are under quarantine and thousands of birds are set to be