Back-To-Work Legislation

PC MPPs say they want to pass back-to-work legislation to avoid power outages.
The union says it's going to fight back.
It's a controversial tool, to say the least.
Union fears it's being pushed into a lockout.
Both the governing Liberals and Progressive Conservatives supported the legislation, while the NDP opposed it.
TORONTO - More than 70,000 high school students kept from class for weeks by teacher strikes in the Toronto-area regions
In a sudden, surprise news conference, the federal labour minister welcomed the sudden willingness by both sides to resume talks.
VANCOUVER - British Columbia's premier is hoping a Labour Relations Board meeting will jumpstart a resolution to the dispute
All parties in the simmering conflict were lamenting the closure of schools in Vancouver and 15 other districts in job action
The Liberal government followed through with its promise to table back-to-work legislation for unionized truckers, introducing