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Banff National Park

It's mating season for Alberta's elk, and Parks Canada is reminding visitors to give the animals a wide berth. Known as the
Aggressive bears near the Banff townsite have prompted Parks Canada officials to close a popular recreation area. Wildlife
Last year I shared a post of some of the crazy questions I fielded from tourists while working one summer in Lake Louise. Here are some more doozies like "Which one is the Rocky Mountain?" shared by our readers.
Humans remains have been discovered near Banff. RCMP closed Vermillion Lakes Road west of the Banff town site for several
For those who live in Alberta, it can be tough to remember how rare wildlife sightings can be in other parts of Canada and
A visit to one of Alberta's beautiful national or provincial parks can be exhilarating, especially if you have the pleasure
They are magical creations in a magical setting. While much of the continent was feeling sorry for itself and taking refuge
A wolf baited with human food over the weekend in Banff National Park has prompted a warning from Parks Canada to wildlife
The cycle of life in Canada's national mountain parks is an astonishing thing. And, every now and then, someone is able to
The Canadian Tourism Commission unveiled the latest 28 tourism businesses joining the Canadian Signature Experiences Collection this week. Among the list is the Cave and Basin National Historic Site Discover Tour. The timing of this announcement was impeccable because I had just returned from Banff, and was able to lay eyes on the park for the first time in my life.