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Banff National Park

It's the kind of capture that shutterbugs and videographers can spend a lifetime trying to film to no avail. But a day out
He's adorable, cute, seemingly cuddly and lethal. Frolicking in the snow after a long winter's nap, a video released earlier
Love the idea of camping, but hate the sleeping-on-the-ground, freezing-your-butt-off, rain-soaking-through-tent-walls aspect
A successful summit of an 11,000-ft. Banff peak by three friends on Sunday ended in tragedy. The three were skiing down after
Parks Canada wildlife cameras, renowned for capturing images of adorable lynx and ferocious grizzly bears, are now being
It seems the weather man was right. Winter lashed out at the Rockies with icy blasts and piles and piles of snow. While in
Deep snow and frigid temperatures may often bring Alberta to its knees but it's just another day in the backcountry for Parks
Canadians have a wealth of world-class tourist attractions in their own backyard to brag about, but which is the nation's
1. Curling up next to a roaring fire with a good book, watching the snow fall outside 2. Great skiing, if that's your thing 3. Surprisingly excellent food at Masala Authentic Indian Cuisine (cont...)
My family and I are city slickers, that's a fact. We love the life that living in the downtown core affords us. People say that "back to nature" is the way to go if you want to get a real perspective on life. Hogwash, I thought... until now. My motor-mouth and city swagger was at once shot down by the scene before me. I had been humbled by the mountains.