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Baratunde Thurston

"You make a lot of happy people, you make money. End of the story."
While the philosophy of why we work continues to evolve and modernize, it still feels like we hold on to the dogma of what business is supposed to be. Perhaps with all of this moral awakening, sharing on social media, connecting to others and events like Occupy Wall Street or the Arab Spring, we should be paying closer attention to the human bottom line rather than the financial one?
Thurston and others who have recently talked about their inability to keep up with the influx of digital inputs could be missing the bigger point: this is the inevitable outcome of success. All of this isn't technology's fault. All of this is our fault, because we're allowing the technology to manage us, instead of the other way around.
This week, I spoke to Baratunde Thurston, who many know from his role as Director of Digital for The Onion, where he once made a cameo in a piece about Barack Obama's Billy Carteresque half-brother. Since then, he recently departed the satirical newspaper the Onion to start, with two Co-Founders, Cultivated Wit.