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An investigation into Waseem Ramli's appointment is underway.
Waseem Ramli was appointed to a key post in Montreal this summer.
If only it were so easy. The leader of a war-torn Middle Eastern country commits an atrocity; the West removes him. Problem solved. At least, that's the way Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to see the future in Syria. The only problem is that Trudeau has forgotten the many other players who have a stake in what happens in Syria.
"Canada is working with its allies to end the war in Syria and hold those responsible to account.''
The prime minister called on the international community not to repeat the "terrible mistakes" of the past.
Despite the outrage, there is no end in sight to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Syria. As the war grinds on, very few people have any workable solutions. Even a temporary ceasefire, for which the UN is begging all sides to adhere to in order to allow humanitarian aid in, is almost impossible to achieve -- and looks more distant after Syrian Government forces began closing in on rebel-held territory in East Aleppo over the weekend.
Foreign affairs minister ramps up pressure over Aleppo.
Ban Ki-Moon says that "we are encouraged and fortunate'' that Syrian troops retook Palmyra.
Vladimir Putin announced Monday that he was pulling some of his country's troops out of Syria.
2016 is a critical year for Syria, 15 March will mark the fifth anniversary of the Syrian civil war. It is in all our interests, but especially the people of Syria, that 2016 is the year when we see a turning-point in this crisis. The UK will continue to play a leading role in international efforts to end the suffering of Syrians.