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Basic Income

Elimination of poverty would have some very obvious and immediate benefits, but a Universal Basic Income would also have some more subtle - and yet, in my mind, very exciting - possible benefits: a universal basic income could enable the greatest unleashing of human potential ever seen.
P.E.I. becomes the second province to experiment with a guaranteed minimum income.
And more for people with disabilities.
It’s not only drivers who are at risk.
Hunger Awareness Week invites us to not only talk about the problem of hunger in Canada, but to think about how we can address it. At the Ontario Association of Food Banks, our long-term vision has always been a hunger-free Ontario. Next summer, this dream may inch a little closer to becoming a reality.
The former Mulroney cabinet minister has been advocating the basic income for years.
But that doesn't make it Liberal government policy.
The proposed budget will increase government spending while having a deficit of $29.4 billion. It will direct billions of dollars to infrastructure spending, First Nations, and the middle class and lower income groups.
Four in 10 Ontarians now back the idea.
The Basic Income Guarantee is a strategy for poverty reduction that is simpler and more effective than our existing social assistance systems. Quite simply, individuals whose incomes fall below a certain level get topped up to a level that would meet basic needs.
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