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Basic Income

In Canada, the possibility of a guaranteed annual income is a topic that seems to never go away, yet the prospect of a national program remains elusive. The way the Fraser Institute approaches the issue outlines what's wrong with the discussion: they treat the idea of a basic income program like it's a cash grab by the desperate.
The idea of a minimum annual income for every Canadian could provide a more efficient alternative social safety net, but
Film footage of a 1976 parade in Dauphin, Man. recorded on Super8 film. (Video: YouTube/Leo Bunyak) By giving a community’s
Depending on whom you ask, a company like Walmart will either feel pressure to raise wages under a minimum income -- or it
The meeting of fundamental nutritional needs has come to be referred to as "food security," a term that emphasizes that people have to have not only enough calories but also sufficiently healthy ones in their diets. A focus on obesity, on the one hand, and the need for and lack of food security for the poor, on the other, has led to the "hunger-obesity paradox."
If someone handed you a bundle of free cash, would you stop working? Perhaps that's what has happened to our economy. As
We face two critical challenges in Canadian national politics today. First, how do we restore genuine democracy and persuade the 40 per cent of Canadians who sat out the vote in 2011 to vote again? The second challenge relates to the first: How do we convince those same Canadians to vote for the strong, active federal government we need to build a productive, innovative economy that fairly benefits all Canadians?
The wrong approach to poverty reduction is to ignore the problem, letting the ideological conceit that a rising tide lifts all boats obscure the hard reality that many Canadians have no boat -- or access to anyone who has ever had a boat. The answer is automatic top-ups for those who fall beneath the poverty line.
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