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An HOH competition to remember!
"It's so overwhelming!"
Oh brother!
The hit-series returns to Canada on March 2.
We're sure all of you "Big Brother Canada" fans missed that house. You don't have long to wait to re-enter and re-obsess
Let's ruminate on the variety of Canadian personalities displayed in that 40-odd minutes. Truly, this is a cross-section of eccentric folks.
Ever since the jaw-dropping finale of "Big Brother Canada" Season 1, fans of the genre have been salivating for the sophomore
WOW! After ten weeks, Big Brother Canada ends not with a bang or a whimper but a collective gasp of "WTF?" On a night which should have culminated with Gary screeching through a storm of glitter and confetti, we instead were left with one of reality TV's most bizarre moments.
To this point, the story of Big Brother Canada has been the story of Jillian and Emmett cutting through the competition like a hot knife through slop. A great deal of credit needs to be given to this Big Brother power couple for such a dominant game.
Undoubtedly the most strategic player of this inaugural season of "Big Brother Canada," Peter was a thinking man right from