BC election

John Horgan’s NDP will form B.C.’s government. But a few key ridings could still come down to mail-in ballots.
We likely won’t know the full result for several weeks.
Lorraine Brett called Rowling’s “TERF wars” manifesto the author’s "best work."
Chilliwack-Kent Liberal candidate Laurie Throness made the remarks during a debate this week.
A regrettable comment from John Horgan about race and calm moderation stood out on debate night.
In a video leaked this weekend, Liberal candidate Jane Thornthwaite accuses a female NDP candidate of seducing men.
Meryam Haddad appealed her removal from the Green Party leadership race.
Premier John Horgan likely wants a majority government.
Clark plans to bring the house back in early June and test the will of the legislature.
"I'm hanging out with my rugby guys here," said Andrew Weaver.