BC first nations

There are now four MLAs with indigenous heritage.
"As a country we need to reconcile."
It cost $1,000 and took three months to make.
Students at the 'Na Aksa Gyilak'yoo School wrote the song.
When Boyden said in a recent interview that he should step back and let more deeply-rooted members of the community speak on its behalf -- and that he had become 'a bit too big' of a deal, my immediate reaction was a shrug. His apologies have felt a little flaccid, while criticisms have become strengthened and more expansive concerning ideas and identity.
It's part of a $5 million plan to improve safety along the 800-kilometre stretch.
"I believe in people."
A psychologist found that "because he does not feel pain the way other children do, he could be seriously injured and not realize it."
Bellegarde is pleading with chiefs to confront the problem head-on.
The tug ran aground on Oct. 13.