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The current teachers federation vs. government struggle is more than a labour dispute. For those who look closely, what's revealed is a style of government that appears to disregard facts, deceive the public, tarnish the reputation of teachers, all in a move to pit the people against teachers and their legal right to due process under the law. Government's disdain for trained professionals in order to gain a political advantage is deplorable. No government should hide the truth of its past misconduct. No government should balance the budget at the expense of teachers and kids.
VANCOUVER - Chief negotiators were quietly hunkered down for talks as another week without school loomed on the horizon for
A song written and performed by a 16-year-old student about the B.C. teachers' strike is burning up Facebook. Hailey Klein
I sacrificed myself, along with my army buddies, to help children in other countries to attend school, but what can I do in my own country to get children back in school in B.C. Madam Premier, this is our province. Not just mine and definitely not just yours. This province is not just yours to destroy the rights and freedoms of the people.
As a mother of a nine-year-old boy in the public school system and a working physician, I am seeing the effects of the strike on many of my patients. So I have compiled a list of five steps for all of us dealing with this time of uncertainty.
VANCOUVER - British Columbia's striking teachers are turning up the pressure in their ongoing labour dispute by overwhelmingly
VANCOUVER - Biology teacher Marc Carmichael has gone on strike three times over his 20-year career in British Columbia's
On what should be the fifth day of classes for B.C. schools, some frustrated students say it's time their concerns are heard
I am a B.C. teacher, and lately I feel like I should apologize for that. I'm so tired of hearing how awful I am. How greedy. How I shouldn't want more for my students. Let's get teachers feeling valued because things are rough right now, and it's getting hard to remember by ourselves.
VANCOUVER - British Columbia's teachers' union is forging ahead in its pursuit of binding arbitration to end its ongoing