bc teachers strike 2014

For all the teachers out there who go the extra mile for their students.
Things are worse. They are so much worse. I cannot express how bad things are getting. It's because I love the work so much, that I have to leave. I've spent the last two years thinking about going. I've felt increasingly sorrowful that I simply cannot do all that these kids need and deserve me to do.
VICTORIA - Finance Minister Mike de Jong says government cheques are in the mail to help British Columbia's parents cover
We must plan to not recreate the same conditions that led up to the past labour dispute. The time to organize a provincial task force, is now. It does not make sense to relegate a discussion of core educational philosophy (class size and composition) to be part of an adversarial labour negotiation.
A group of ethnic Chinese parents who hit headlines in Vancouver by scuffling with supporters of striking teachers is claiming
The B.C. government is instructing school districts to return any money they may have saved during the public school teachers
I find that the inadequacies of public education funding have ignited a fire in me. Is anyone else feeling like we should stop fundraising for the things that should be funded by the government?
Yes, I've bought the materials in the boxes that I'll be hauling to work each day this week. And yes, I sincerely wish that I hadn't had to go out of pocket to make sure that my students get the best education that I can give them. The underfunding of public education in B.C. has already taken enough out of me. I refuse to let it take who I am as a teacher, too.
On British Columbia's long-awaited first day of school, Branden and his six-year-old brother Keenan are well ahead of the
A group of teachers who bought tickets to B.C. Liberal fundraiser say they were rejected from attending after concerns about