BC teachers strike

The Christy Clark government spent more than $350,000 on tweets, Facebook posts, Google ads and other online messages during
I hope that our respect goes beyond pinning the poppy on our lapels. I hope our respect extends to standing in line at a polling booth.
VICTORIA - Finance Minister Mike de Jong says government cheques are in the mail to help British Columbia's parents cover
VANCOUVER - A litany of consequences arise if the British Columbia government is allowed to get away with rubbing out hundreds
VANCOUVER - A pair of court cases that became the rallying point for British Columbia's teachers during the longest provincewide
We must plan to not recreate the same conditions that led up to the past labour dispute. The time to organize a provincial task force, is now. It does not make sense to relegate a discussion of core educational philosophy (class size and composition) to be part of an adversarial labour negotiation.
Despite complaints of overcrowded classrooms, administrators in B.C.’s two largest school boards say only about 28 new teachers
The B.C. government is instructing school districts to return any money they may have saved during the public school teachers
I find that the inadequacies of public education funding have ignited a fire in me. Is anyone else feeling like we should stop fundraising for the things that should be funded by the government?
The teachers have been lying to us. For years. They've been covering it up. Papering over underfunding and mismanaged fiscal priorities with brightly coloured posters and sparkly stickers. Concealing an impoverished system by buying the damn supplies themselves. Without receiving so much as a tax break on those purchases.