bc wildfire

"I've never been this scared in my life."
There are about 30 active wildfires across B.C., but this is the only one threatening homes or properties.
The evacuation zone covered the provincial park campground, a subdivision and homes along Bear Creek Road.
"The situation in Fort McMurray and in the B.C. Peace continues to worsen."
The wildfire service says 232 firefighters, 11 helicopters and 21 pieces of heavy equipment are battling the flames.
Every summer heavily forested areas leave animals and humans alike susceptible to wildfires. By July of this year, British Columbia saw over 189 active fires burning -- a number that Professional Organizers in Canada says is too high to not be prepared.
The smoke from Washington makes it more difficult for crews to battle the 184 fires burning in B.C., said one official.
The fire has destroyed 30 homes, 15 other buildings, and another 242 properties remain on evacuation order.
This is awesome.