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Bed Bugs

Follow these tips to make sure your travels and return are bug-free.
They're tough to kill and a growing problem in many cities.
When was the last time you washed your sheets?
Oh those pesky bugs!
Because the best defence is a good offence.
"I've never seen this in my 60-year career."
A team of B.C. researchers have discovered a way to bait and trap bedbugs, which could potentially help curb what has become
If you have a serious aversion to bugs, we warn you — stop reading right now, and do NOT click on the video above. Or rather
My name's Tim, and I've had bedbugs. Yes, bedbugs. There. I've said it. I make this confession to warn you that we Canadians are living through a major plague. We have to break that silence. If we don't, the bloodsucking insects will doubtless take over every apartment, house, building and hotel in the country.
Modern methods of controlling pests have consisted mainly of poisoning them with chemicals. But that's led to problems. Pesticides kill far more than the bugs they target, and pollute air, water and soil. Some fascinating research has found a way of dealing with bed bugs that may go back centuries.