bedtime routines

The No. 1 tip I can give you for sound holiday sleep? Say no. Sometimes it's hard, but you don't have to attend every party, get together or event. Sometimes the best thing for you and your family is to get to bed at a good time.
The curtains are drawn, lights are dimmed and the books are ready to go back on the book shelf in exchange for a night of happy dreams. Instead, your little ones are full of stories of their own. You just know the road to dreamland is at least another hour away. Falling asleep is difficult for many toddlers and pre-school children. Research shows approximately 21 percent of pre-schoolers deal with at least two sleep challenges, including nightmares, difficulty falling asleep, repeated night waking or daytime tiredness.
TORONTO - When her 12-year-old son returned from overnight camp earlier this summer, Ariana Birnbaum didn't wait long to