The food inspection agency launched an investigation in September.
The products have been pulled off shelves at Whole Foods, Walmart and other retailers.
The company's licence was suspended in September.
There's no certainty consumption causes cancer, researchers say.
Is it possible to save the planet while still eating burgers and steaks?
The minister of agriculture says the move is not a reaction to the trade standoff.
We're throwing ourselves into another season of corruption and suspense with a party even the Underwoods would approve of: one with class and panache. Wine, cheese and lip-smacking appetizers that are easy to prepare in advance.
There is something truly special about the combination of softly toasted buns, juicy meat, fresh vegetable toppings and lip-smacking sauces that make burgers quite irresistible. Over the years, many chefs have made it their mission to create their own meat patty masterpieces by adding unexpected ingredients, flavours and textures, elevating this originally humble meal into a 3 Michelin star experience!
We're all too familiar with the urge to leave the city at noon on a Friday to avoid rush hour traffic, which is why we put together a list of the top 10 eats to get the perfect cottage experience without slaving away in the kitchen. From dishes you can make ahead of time to classic BBQ meals, you will find everything you need right here. We've even got you covered for the drinks and modern twist on the traditional s'mores!
As the summer draws to a close and the smell of BBQ still hangs in the air, the idea of a beefless world is for many of us just too terrible to contemplate. But as we'll see, beef's savoury taste also presents us with some rather unsavoury problems. Beef is a huge contributor to global emissions.