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Ben Makuch

The information gathered was crucial to three stories he wrote.
We can't allow our free press to continue to be restricted by the whims of the market, any more than we would allow it to be restricted by law.
Police want him to turn over research materials for terror investigation.
Support by the federal government of a shield law for journalists is certainly welcomed. Journalists, whose work is essential to a functioning democracy, need to be able to do their jobs without fear of facing prosecution.
"We have reached the age of post-truth, propaganda and suppression of freedoms — especially in democracies."
Court filings from a coalition of media organizations argue journalists should not be force to act as a de facto "investigative arm of the police."
“This is a precedent-setting ruling."
"The effect on journalists could be crippling."
The battle pits media freedoms against the ability of police to investigate terrorism offences.
"The biggest loser here is the Canadian public."