Best Places To Live

Let the comparison games begin.
More embarrassing, however, is that the rankings have not changed much since 2014.
TORONTO - A new study says life is better for women who live in cities such as Victoria, Gatineau, Que., and Montreal compared
Time to pack our bags for a small town in Quebec!
OTTAWA - Canada continues to rank near the top of the world in a measure of social advancement that hopes to displace simple
Most Canadians are well aware they live in the best country in the world. But just in case you needed persuading, take a
Calgary is an amazing city to raise a family in, there is no question about that. If you find yourself questioning that statement then my reply would be to consider the context and perspective of alternate choices.
If it wasn't enough to be ranked the best city in a country of 34 million, Calgary has also been ranked the 5th best city to live in the entire world by the Economist Intelligence Unit's Most Livable Cities Survey for the last three consecutive years. To think that this city of roughly 1.2 million people is one of the top five cities in a world of over 7 billion people is absolutely mind blowing.
Vancouver, used to topping world living lists, comes in at a staggering 52nd in "Canada's best places to live," according
Canada is the third-best country in the world to be a woman, according to rankings compiled by U.S. website Newsweek/The