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TORONTO - Justin Bieber's arrest in Ontario on charges of dangerous driving and assault is the latest in a series of run
Fresh off avoiding a felony charge for egging his former neighbour's house, Justin Bieber is back to annoying the people
A lawyer representing photographer Jeffrey Binion will attempt to link Justin Bieber's alleged drug use to his client's assault
Like a bad neighbor Justin Bieber is there. The singer, who last week was reportedly "hotboxing" his Beverly Hills condominium
Justin Bieber was reportedly caught on camera urinating in his Miami jail cell. The 19-year-old pop star was arrested in
It's been a few days since bad news surrounded Justin Bieber like a cloud of pot smoke -- the kind he filled his private
Justin Bieber's mansion was reportedly littered with drugs and related drug paraphernalia when deputies searched the premises
Justin Bieber probably had no idea what could come from tossing a few eggs, but a series of various reports could have him