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Big Brother contestants

"Given the chance to actually compete, I would crush them." Except, Arlie, your "epic" gameplay claims are full of hot air -- much like Neda's nearly-deflated balloon she created in your image.
Double your eviction, double your fun! Well, that's the case for the six-pack 'Sloppy Seconds' alliance spearheaded by Neda and Jon, who get exactly what they want.
This isn't how we thought things would turn out on "Big Brother Canada" Season 2. Nearly every TV critic/reality show junkie
A double eviction in the "Big Brother Canada" house usually means more tears, more drama and hurt feelings. That wasn't really
The First Five's "reign" of terror on 'Big Brother Canada' is finally over, thanks to Canada's nominations. It's hard to top last week's paper shredder eviction episode masterpiece, but drama and endless histrionics make for another solid bow.
This week of "Big Brother Canada" has been majorly seismic. Alliances have been broken and clandestine plans have been revealed
**NOTE: This recap contains spoilers. Please do not read on unless you want to find out what happened on "Big Brother Canada
It was an emotional time on last night's episode of Big Brother Canada with the departure of Ika Wong. But make no mistake
More than three weeks in, and the game is finally on. We're sure to see some power shifts soon, though hopefully without Canada's influence (ahem, Season 1).
Things got complicated on last night's episode of "Big Brother Canada," as two factions within the house held strong, but