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Big Brother contestants

This episode marked a noticeable, and necessary, storytelling improvement on last week's stuffed, uneven editing melee.
Kyle was an instant target on Season 2 of "Big Brother Canada." It's one thing to be a gigantic, muscled guy, but quite another
Who knew an episode of "Big Brother Canada" that featured an 11-0 unanimous vote and closed with several shots of bobbleheads modeled by the contestants' likeness would be so ... underwhelming?
Anick Gervais is the first houseguest evicted from the "Big Brother Canada" Season 2 house. That would be a rather run-of
For "Big Brother Canada" Season 2, they're certainly pulling out all the stops. Aside from up and moving the show's production
To this point, the story of Big Brother Canada has been the story of Jillian and Emmett cutting through the competition like a hot knife through slop. A great deal of credit needs to be given to this Big Brother power couple for such a dominant game.
This week, one houseguest left and another one returned. That's the circle of life in the Big Brother Canada house, which sees more twists than the collective film works of M. Night Shyamalan.
For the umpteenth time this season, Big Brother Canada introduced a new twist in to the game this week. After this next twist on Big Brother Canada, in all likelihood, the power will not have shifted nearly as much as our attention.
This inaugural season of "Big Brother Canada" has been pretty intense, hasn't it? We've seen the ups and downs, the tears
It's certainly been a tumultuous couple of weeks in the inaugural Big Brother Canada season. One by one, all of the pairs in the house have been targeted and broken up with two notable exceptions: Emmett and Jillian and Alec and Peter.