A private member’s bill encouraging the change was defeated by the Liberals, NDP and Green MPs.
The country's only bilingual province heads to the polls on September 24.
Kids just want to fit in and speak English, like their peers do. How can parents bridge the divide and give their kids the best of both worlds?
This past July 1st few people celebrated the deal that was struck in 1867.
It affects how we interact with the world.
Premier Brian Gallant says they will strive to add seats to match demand.
From the late 19th century on, Laurier's sunny ways emerged as a euphemism for finding the political middle ground or compromise when addressing complex issues. The specific compromise in question was on the thorny issue of Catholic and French language education in Manitoba.
You may think you have forgotten an additional language that you learnt as a child, but it has left a lasting effect on your
As a former teacher I remember shortening kids' names, thinking I was giving them a special nickname. Now, as a parent, I cringe that I once did that. It wasn't up to me to change the name they were given.
Can you speak two or more languages? If so, you'll be pleased to know your brain is reaping some serious benefits. In a recent