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bill 115

Ontario's Liberal government is using controversial Bill 115, The Putting Students First Act, to impose contracts on teachers
The government and teachers need to be talking about getting Ontario schools working again. Our kids' education is too important. Disruptions in the classroom need to end. In August, Dalton McGuinty recalled the Legislature to force Bill 115 onto teachers and education support staff.
Bill 115 is unfair. Pre-emptive law making denies the rights of employees "just in case." How can we inculcate the habits of democracy into our students when they observe and experience unreasonable restrictions on the rights of the very people who are charged with teaching them about fairness? What if teachers behaved like this government? Imagine children being told that they will not be allowed to seek permission to create a club because the school doesn't trust them to make the proper arrangements -- nor to go out for recess because they might misbehave. It would not take long for someone to shout, "That's not fair."