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bill 78

2012-10-11-nonspeak.jpg PEN has become uneasy with how freedom of expression is faring at home. Like many other groups, we've monitored the current federal government, and noted a tendency towards excessive secrecy and a wish to control information, dalliances with censorship and internet surveillance, among other things.
The Quebec Superior Court has rejected a request for an emergency injunction against the province's controversial Bill 78
The Charest Liberals and Harper Conservatives have formed a united front to condemn a United Nations agency for criticizing
How ironic that the most extensive demonstrations we have seen to date in North America have concerned not unemployment, global warming, or the notorious one per cent, but the tuition that Quebec students have to pay for the benefits of a college education. Now two professors at the University of Montreal have likened Quebec to Putin's Russia.
Hundreds of protesters spilled into downtown Montreal on Thursday night, many of them naked or barely clothed, as police
It is no secret that the supporters of the protest movement in Quebec are principally made up of people who are white, Francophone, and sovereigntist. There are of course exceptions to that sweeping generalization, but one needs only to attend a rally to see the copious Quebec flag waving and chants for independence to really get a taste for one of the many underpinnings of the movement.
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg The Quebec protests are now boring the media; nothing new has been said for quite some time. One must be watchful for columnists who break out the "but these tuition protests have really evolved into something bigger" line.
Canada's baby boomer-run media has been pretending that Quebec's student protests are only about tuition, when that's merely symbolic of the boot the older generation is placing upon the necks of their kids.
Earlier this week, we asked HuffPost Quebec readers to explain the student movement to the rest of us -- the real deal on
Many within Quebec have complained that the rest of Canada — the so-called ‘ROC’ — doesn’t get the protests that have seen