bill c24

We've figured out a simple truth: we're in this together. Our neighbour's strength is our strength; the success of any one of us is the success of every one of us. But this is incredibly fragile. It must be protected always from the voices of intolerance, divisiveness, small-mindedness, and hatred. It's the right thing to do.
"We fight them but we don’t breach out rights and liberties."
"You can't take away citizenship because you don't like what someone does," said Trudeau.
The bill, which became law in May, allows the federal government to strip Canadian citizenship from dual citizens convicted of terrorist offences.
A coalition of civil rights organizations is launching a constitutional challenge against a recent law that allows the federal government to revoke citizenship for certain Canadians.
OTTAWA - Immigration Minister Chris Alexander went on the offensive Tuesday against Rocco Galati, the Toronto constitutional